List a home for $99 for 53 weeks.  Never a commission!

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Get three exterior/interior photos and at least one for each bedroom

Each picture will be displayed in a smaller size sometimes called a "thumbnail"

You can have larger pictures pop up when they click on the "thumbnails"

Call us to have us post your web page, post photos and create your site!

(978) 7 7 4 - 8 0 7 5

Fax (978) 7 7 4 - 8 0 7 5 paper info or questions NO PHOTOS

Email ad details and photos to SuffolkD@aol.com or

Mail developed photos and your ad details to:

Suffolk Associates LLC

P.O. Drawer 825

Middleton, Ma. 01949-2825

Disclaimer: All property ad information is submitted by the property owner / agent.  Information deemed reliable but not guaranteed.  We encourage current, updated photos with a description and the date of the photo listed.  We will remove ads that misrepresent a property or by multiple complaints.

We do reserve the right to delete or not post an ad at our decision.

Some Town(s) regulate rental homes by occupancy permits through a town agent, inspector or board of Health Department.

These occupancy permits are related to size of home, septic or other bedroom capacity.

If a home is restricted to a certain number of permitted occupants than should be reflected in the web ad.

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