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List a home for $99 for 53 weeks.

Pictures galore!  That will separate your listing from the competition.

Here's how:   

Look at the picture above.

Here the home owner or agent has a clear picture of the living room. 

I know what to expect when I arrive.

While it looks well kept and updated I know that I'll be watching a console TV in this room.

Browse any of the web hosting services that handle rentals.

Compare the detailed coverage you don't get from their site to ours. 

This picture shows off street parking and MORE AVAILABLE !

If all you can see is the exterior of the home your going to stay at on your vacation,

it may end up being the view you want to forget in your rearview mirror when its time to go home. 


Because the world of real estate works on Caveat Emptor (Buyer Beware)


Is the deck in good shape or does it look like this when you arrive?

A photo is worth a thousand words.  Less complaints from misunderstanding(s)

Are you near the water?  Does your ski home have a view?

The left photo is an actual honest view on Cape Cod.  Right is atop the ski area where no homes are situated.

While having a lot of photos of a home won't guarantee a perfect place,

you'll have an idea of how it matches up to your expectations.

So, are you going to send $2000 for a weeks vacation to four lines of abbreviations

in a $60 newspaper ad or browse through color photos of a home on this site?

So is the extra $40 worth it?

Are you "gonna" save $100 and miss out on an extra rental?

REMEMBER that newspaper ad is available for maybe a weekend

and THAT'S if the client holds onto that ad!!!!!

Even if the clients get the paper everyday, is your ad going to be in there next month,

next issue or when they look in the classifieds?

This site is here all day long, accessible by their computer.

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